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Enjoy the best history of Cartagena

Founded on June 1st 1533 by Don Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena de Indias became the jewel in the crown due to its geographical position and wealth found within the indigenous communities of Zenu among others. It was a city that was attacked by pirates, corsairs and enemy countries of the Spaniers between the 15th and the 18th century, which led to the construction of bastions, walls and fortifications for its defense since 1587.

Cartagena also suffered the slavery trade and the rise of settlements of Palenques founded by escaped Africans who, full of courage, decided to fight for their freedom. 

Today, Cartagena is one of the most turistic City in hole Colombia, where people look a different adventure and spend a wonderfull time on an island. We invite you to know the whole history of this beautiful city with us through Local Guides who will definitely transfer you to the past.


Cartagena de Indias is definitely the most full of history city in Colombia declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984, considered the jewerly of the Spanish crown in the 16th century, is a wondefull place that give you unique experiences trought its colofull streets, squares, delicius foods, african culture, nature enviroments and unforgerable moments with family and friends in luxury islands.

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